Sharons Road

I was so excited to see a road named after me.  It really wasn’t named after me, but I was happy to see my name on a street sign not far from my home. The sign said Sharons Rd. They forgot the apostrophe but I don’t mind.  In my travels I have found a store in Lancaster named after me and a restaurant in my name.  I am so honored, however, it was someone else that shares my great name that got those accolades.  Sharon is a name that was popular in the 50’s. My parents were going back and forth on naming me Sharon or Diane so they chose Sharon as my first name and Diane as my middle name.  They could have named Debbie or Carol which is the name that belongs to most of my friends. Oh, well this is my story for today.

This might seem like a bunch of jibber jabber to you but I was delighted to see this sign and I took a picture for you to see. 

Look around and see if you can find a street sign in your name.  Happy Spring!