Pumpkin Pie

Written in fall of 2016.  Just posted!



Goodbye summer!  Fall snuck in way to fast.  School started, conference attended, fun time with the girls. Getting my sweaters out of the attic.  Wish I had some pumpkin pie right now.  If any of you have a great recipe, please share.  We are right on the heels of October and November.  Sean’s birthday is in September; Rachel’s birthday October; Lee’s birthday October and my birthday November.  No wonder this is one of my favorite times of the year.

Going from beach days to falling leaves is bittersweet in Rehoboth Beach.  Switching off the A/C and refusing to put my flip flops away, I always look forward to visiting the Pumpkin Patch, Apple Scrapple Festival, changing leaves and quiet time.


Don’t you think that we still live in the northeast because of all of the beauty the seasons bring.  Ok, I admit every year I say “I hate winter.” Still, after the snow comes blooming flowers. He we go again.