Easter Blessings


Spring is upon us. The date on the calendar is March 27, 2016. Easter is early this year. This holy time is so special to Christians. It’s not about fluffy bunnies, Easter egg hunts or baskets of chocolate candy. Yes, it is about a time to celebrate, but not for commercial reasons. It’s a time to recognize the reason for the season is about Jesus Christ who arose from the dead. Rejoice that He lives! My friends, we are celebrating a real man made of flesh and blood who walked among us, prayed with us, healed us, loved us unconditionally and then was crucified, died and was buried so that our sins could be forgiven. But, on the third day, he arose from the dead. What a miracle! Shout it from the rooftops that our Jesus lives!

Look to the cross and celebrate your blessings. This is a special time to be with the ones your love. Enjoy your family; break bread with them. Hold them near and dear to your heart. Tell them you love them.

Easter is a time of renewal and of healing. When we see the daffodils blooming, we think of growth not only in our gardens but within ourselves. Spent time in prayer and journal reflecting how our Lord has blessed you. New Years is a time of setting resolutions, and Easter can be a time to spend in prayer for the months ahead. Make prayer a part of your purposefulness. May God Bless you during this holy time.

A Poem from Rachel Gray, Age 9

Easter Eve

The wind is blowing,

The air is cold;

The trees are barking,

The dogs are sleeping.

The cats are chasing mice,

And there is a quiet, quiet house

lying on the earth.

The grass is wiggling,

The branches on the trees are chatting;

The ground is whistling,

And the pigs are oinking very slowly.

God’s children are talking,

cause Easter’s on its way.